Nina RicciLes Belles de Nina

International, experiential & influence storytelling

Nina Ricci develops it’s Nina range with a new addition, a new perfume named Luna.
A fantasy world, full of the imaginary, Luna and Nina embody the complex BFF
(Best Friends Forever) relationship which is the main focus of the campaign.

Our mission : amplify the storytelling 'friendship‘,
via the implementation of brand content around three pillars:
Exclusivity / Experience / Influence

Exclusive content « 100% digital »

As part of the content strategy, we created exclusive and enriched content for digital (Gif, cinemagraphs, Trailer, etc) which feed the new world of commercial advertising.

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An innovative mobile experience « made for two »

To bring to life the BFF dimension, we devised a mobile experience that can only be experienced by two people.
This unprecedented use of two mobile screens fully exploits and enhances the dream world of the film.

An international « influence » operation

We selected international couples who are BFF bloggers to embody the spirit of Luna & Nina.