GodzillaIn Real Life Competition « Fan Art »
In May 2014, Warner Bros wanted to promote Godzilla. To arouse the interest of the general public and their fans, we focused on the cult imagery of the film and put in place a competition on Tumblr.
We challenged graphic artists, illustrators and designers to create their own poster of the film, promoted via national media and IRL exhibition.

The fan art competition

Fans were invited to publish their versions of the poster on Tumblr (http://godzillalefilm.tumblr.com/). The posters were then submitted to a system of public voting, combined with voting from a jury composed of industry professionals, of which there was the producer of the film itself, Gareth Edwards.

The operation, was relayed by blogs and national media, attracting numerous artists from both graphic design and digital art, who submitted 150 posters.

The public was enchanted by this fan art: in 3 weeks the operation had 6000 votes and 3000 shares on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.


The posters of the 3 winners, including the special prize selected by Gareth Edwards, appeared in the daily newspaper 20 Minutes.

The ten posters with the most votes were rewarded with their very own exhibition at the MK2 library in Paris, consecrating the winners with the general public.

Community150posters created
Audience6000public votes
Social Media3000shares