J&BRare Stories

Web Serie X Experience 360°

After building communications around the universe of the night and mixology, J&B decided to return to the fundamentals of their story.

Our recommandation : brand content that reveals the unknown and extraordinary history of Justerini & Brooks

Web Serie

We created "RARE STORIES" , the first 360° web series, coupling storytelling with digital experience. 4 episodes with a stylised narration, that deliver part of the unique history of it’s founders - through different times and across continents. A story featuring love, adventure, and travel. The series continuing and the next 3 chapters due to be revealed in autumn 2016.

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The campaign was designed in the style of a film launch; with different activations feeding all of the brands ecosystem during 5 months; a trailer, a « Première » that enabled press and influencers the chance to experience the story before anyone else, an internal presentation within a seminar with original and animated workshops. Suspense was built up through the different digital touchpoints and social platforms. #rarestories

Results (in progress)
+59.8%Brand Memorization
+ 10 655 000 viewsviews for 1st episode and its trailers
+ 20.7%Brand Preference