Our story

MNSTR’s short history is made of opposites attracting.

Created in 2010 by strategists and creatives working hand in hand,
we reconcile online and offline, ideas and their implementation.We intertwine storytelling with technology,
heritage with modernity –or better yet, creativity with business.
This is how we seek to help brands through evolutionary communication and marketing strategies.

Our vision

To inspire brands to realize the most engaging,
innovative and efficient strategies today,
so that their business thrives tomorrow

Our advantage

turn business & brand objectives into creative activations

MNSTR and its founders have witnessed the recent evolution of advertising and has integrated the three driving forces of consumers, business and technology.

Our ultimate goal? To design brand platforms and activations that strike the perfect balance between user engagement, creative technology and business objectives.

Our opportunity

to be independent and media-neutral

We are responsible for our own growth, and as an independent agency we can be as flexible as our audience is - constrained by no ties to channels or ownership.
Ultimately connecting consumer & business insights with technological & cultural opportunities that might take our ideas on TV, online, in store, mobile or social.

Our drive

help your business today to continue to thrive tomorrow

Standing at a turning point where digital is no longer just another communication outlet,
we inspire brands to identify technology that can help them stay on top of their game.


We help them single out the stepping stones to a thriving future for their business and their people
whether it’s an evolution in the company’s organization or a whole new product or service.


Changes that in turn can lead to an evolution of the business model.

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