We help brands connect with communities, culture and above all people.

Created in 2010 by strategists and creatives working together, MNSTR reconcile online and offline.

We create stories and implement them. We interweave storytelling and technology, heritage and modernity. We bring together creativity and business.

This is how we seek to help brands express themselves through scalable communication and marketing strategies.

Team skills

At MNSTR [pronounce MoNSTRe], we’re about 40 collaborators who enjoy playing with strategy, creative content, technology and influence. From experiential to D/OOH.

Our task is to understand consumers and their new way of approaching everything. Bolstered by this expertise, we create and improve the entire brand experience by using the value of networks, mobile, social media, interactive experiences and real life.

For us brand storytelling is the new advertising. We display it through :

  • Brand content
    Content Strategy and production

    • Video / Web Series
    • GIF / Photo / etc.
    • Editions
  • Activation
    Global Activation and orchestration

    • Influence
    • Experiential / Ambient Marketing
    • Stunt / Contest
    • Content campaigns
    • Channel planning
  • Social media
    Social media Strategy and Management

    • Community management
    • Influence / UGC
    • Activation / Etc.

Our five guiding convictions

  1. Everything is media
    We treat every channel equally and don’t think ‘old’ or ‘new’ media, digital or analogue.
    We’re channel agnostic.
  2. Everything is digital
    The moment smartphones became the norm, everything turned digital.
    Digital is so much more than just pixels and electricity.
  3. Size doesn’t matter
    Our stories have no default shape, size or layout.
    6-second videos sit next to 130 page books. It’s the story that counts.
    Not the format.
  4. Storytelling is not enough
    We live in the dynamic age. Where brands don’t just have to speak.
    They have to act, inspire, engage and create.
    Storytelling is just the start of what we do.
  5. Collaborate, Collaborate.
    Great creative work comes from the most unusual conversations initiated by the most unexpected encounters.
    Which is why we collaborate Across functions.
    Across titles.
    Across agencies.
    Across skills and across personalities.

We love talking!

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Top managers

40 monsters

Lionel Curt
46 years old, 15 years experience
Perrine Lizé
Managing Director
39 years old, 9 years experience
Louis Bonichon
Creative Director
38 years old, 9 years experience
Raphaël Capodanno
Senior Art Director
48 years old, 20 years experience
Audrey Mazet
Account Director
36 years old, 9 years experience
Laura Alcain
Head of Social Media
30 years old, 9 years experience
Jean-Louis Rose
Production Director
49 years old, 16 years experience
Guillaume Carrère
Head of strategic planning
31 years old, 7 years experience


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