November 2015

MNSTR x 9eme CONCEPT – Augmented stickers
Mobile application


The transdisciplinary art collective « Le 9e Concept » transformed stickers into a digital media. As part of the Francs Colleurs project, twenty artists have worked on a specific graphic shape. Since May 2015 they've created over 30 different graphics and it keeps growing. Everywhere in France the artists are busy sticking stickers of all sized - and then broadcasting it via social networks.

For the preview of the « Francs Colleurs » exhibition the October, 29th 2015 in Paris, the "9ème Concept" collective has teamed up with MNSTR agency to create a collection of augmented stickers.


MNSTR - who have already collaborated with the « 9ème Concept » for the Desperados Random Edition project – added participative and interactive dimensions to the event via an "augmented" sticker experience – which was accessible via an app.

"With MNSTR we are interested in alternative media, participative experiences, and hybrid creations (half-physical / half-digital). We've teamed up for this project because it combines these three points. We've collaborated with the artists to extend their creations. We offer an experience that gives a second reading to their artworks, we augment them, and we animate them." told Louis Bonichon, Creative Director at MNSTR.

The application works thanks to image recognition which animates the sticker as the user passes their phone over it.

Photo credits: Etapes, Creapills

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