March 2016

BADOIT – Vive la Gastronomie de nos Régions !

In 2016, Badoit celebrates traditional French produce with its hallmark "Vive la Gastronomie de nos régions !*".
MNSTR is approached to think up an activation campaign for the general public in order to bring the brand and its consumers closer.

Our pitch: A celebration of regional gastronomy using French culinary expressions.

In a time when people are constantly using their phones (even when eating) we wanted to put conversation back on the menu. "Bisque, bisque, rage!"**, "La soupe à la grimace"**, "Une écrevisse dans le vol-au-vent"**, and so on.

The French language has been gently simmering over the generations with hundreds of food-related references that mean something to everyone although we are not necessarily sure what they mean!
So we came up with "Badoit en fait tout un plat", an activation campaign inviting everyone to share their favourite culinary expressions alongside regional and local produce as a celebration of conviviality, sharing and cheery times together.

An activation campaign using:

1- A concept to create conversation
We add an original twist to the timeless recipe competitions by inviting consumers to use culinary expressions rather than emojis.
More than just sharing an expression, they are invited to add a dice of humour, a slice of personality or portion of their general mood. By doing this, consumers can share their spoonful over the social networks with a personalised label on the website.
Each label created is the chance to win a meal in a regional gourmet restaurant plus a variety of collector items stamped with their expressions.

2- Challenges for starred chefs
Alongside Thierry Marx, we invite chefs from all over France to create original recipes based on a selection of culinary expressions and local produce. The recipes are posted on the brands social network pages and website.

3- Sustainable and lasting content
To celebrate the end of the activation, we imagine the creation of the very first collection of recipes from starred chefs all inspired by French culinary expressions.
The brand wishes to use this to demonstrate its role as a true cultural player by contributing in its own way to the lip-smacking French art de vivre.

4- Omni-channel media orchestration
In a teaser, Thierry Marx plays the question-answer game to set the ball rolling!
The activation is relayed via the packs and is accompanied by a vast digital media planning.
The campaign is also relayed by each gourmet restaurant and Badoit partner establishment.

*Long live regional gastronomy
**"Bisque, bisque, rage!" = "Nah-nanah-nanah-nah!", "La soupe à la grimace" = a frosty reception, "Une écrevisse dans le vol-au-vent" = literally, a crawfish in puff pastry or "you're crazy".

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