desperadosAugmented Edition

For the launch of the DESPERADOS’ new limited edition, MNSTR designs an immersive experience, between reality and digital.

We wanted to offer consumers a unique artistic experience: a piece of artwork encapsulated in Desperados’ iconic bottle, unlockable with a mobile.

Taking street art to another dimension

We gave carte blanche to Matthieu Dagorn an artist, and member of 9ème Concept, a French street art collective.

For fourteen days, he crafted the physical version of his work in a 36 square meter box. The sculpture was then “augmented” using the Google Tilt Brush™ technology, giving it new depth.

The artist was trained for 1 month to master the virtual tool.

Mobile is key

An app (iOS and Android) let consumers scan the Desperados bottle and go deep inside the artist’s jungle artwork.

A full immersion for the consumer: augmented reality, 360° video, and virtual reality.

Experience at the core of the reveal

The augmented edition bottle was launched at a private unveiling in Paris. The guests could discover Matthieu's original artwork and dive into the physical and digital experience with Virtual Reality headsets.

More than 400 guests, including journalists, influencers and artists, experienced this innovative creation, by using the Google Tilt Brush™ technology themselves.

More than 29K appdownloads
9M mediaimpressions
+13% in sales volumeversus 2015*

*statistic from Juillet 2017
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