LacosteThe polo of the future
On the eve of the 80th anniversary celebrations of the brand, Lacoste pays tribute to René Lacoste and his visionary spirit by imagining a future version of the brand's most iconic creation, the polo. The brand asked on us to come up with an international (USA, China, Europe) digital campaign for the magical and symbolic date 12/12/12. The L.12.12 Polo is born.

The film

We created a film that showcases the future of the polo in a timeless Paris where the public can follow an eclectic cast of characters that interact with a new generation of clothing. The polo has travelled through time and remained as René Lacoste had imagined it 80 years earlier: elegant, comfortable and stylish. But its powers are enhanced by extreme technology. Its fibres are now intelligent, its surface is dynamic and tactile, its sleeves lengthen and shorten at the whim of its owner. The dye of the polo reacts to the environment, glows in the night, absorbs ambient atmospheres while its colours are endless. This is the L.12.12 Polo. The video was directed and produced by Fleur and Manu from Télécréateurs / Mathematic.

Press campaign

On Wednesday 12/12/12 a single page and a double spread press campaign are unveiled in national papers and magazines that is clearly inspired by Lacoste's initial press releases of 1933 with a QR code giving access to the Lacoste Future website.

Dedicated website is at the centre of the campaign. It is accessible in 9 different languages and offers the public the opportunity to pursue the experience via the history of the iconic Polo and LACOSTE FUTURE 2012 then discover the collections of the contributions. There is also the first episode of « Lacoste future » a film produced for the brand's 75th anniversary that imagines how tennis will be played in the future.

Fan commitment

The film invites Internet users to participate by posting their vision of the futuristic polo on Facebook. The most creative ideas are brought to life by our designers, then illustrated and featured on the fan page of the brand for their 10 million fans to see.

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