OrangeThe Greatest Fans
For Orange's Euro 2012 Sponsorship deal we produced a web serial; a road movie in 11 episodes, covering 11 countries, to meet and talk with real fans.

Ed our reporter

To carry out this mission we recruited Ed, a young journalist who is mad about football. He criss-crossed Europe for the 3 months leading up to the Euro 2012, all the way from Spain to Armenia via Switzerland. He met 11 extraordinary fans who really took our public by storm. For the videos we worked with Darjeeling. Here are just a sample of them.

Elliott, the supporter from England

Elliott is a graphic designer and fervent supporter of Luton Town, where he lives. He invites us to his home to meet his family and confides in Ed about his passion for the club.

Sven from Luxembourg

Sven's passion for football knows no limits. He was fascinated by Diego Maradonna's skills and decided to become a freestyler. Although Luxembourg does not have a really good national team, Sven has managed to transform football into something wonderful, almost art-like.

Etienne from Switzerland

He may just be 11 but Etienne teaches his dad everything he knows about football.

Ruzanne from Armenia

Because football is not just a game for men to enjoy, Ruzanna, a charming Armenian explains how the national team has helped unite the country.

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