OrangeFootball fans are the new heroes
For the Euro 2012, Orange became an official UEFA sponsor for the first time. Our role was to accompany Orange's digital sponsorship strategy in 11 European countries. We devised and set up the platform to centralise all the brand's communication.
Before the Euro Encourage fan participation with a VIP prize

Team contest

To mobilise the greatest fans, we launched a contest to elect the most enthusiastic and committed fans with the chance to win a super deluxe VIP bus road trip across Europe to see the opening match of the Euro 2012. For 10 weeks, the 11 different countries participated in the contest which included a number of challenges: addictive football-related mini-games, a video competition on Dailymotion and mobile phones. The site offered help and advice about how to become the perfect supporter with top tips, make-up kits, national anthems, team info, etc.

The VIP trip brand content

The two winning countries of the Supporters' Cup competition were Armenia and Poland. Eleven Armenian supporters won the trip to the opening match after having compiled a maximum of points in the Team contest. They got to discover Paris before heading off on a customised VIP bus for Warsaw and the opening game.

During the Euro Real-time team support

The Shake & Shout mobile application

Digital activity is at its highest during the championship: telephone calls, SMS to comment on games, posts on Facebook and Twitter to support a team…. This is where Orange plays an integral role. This is why we came up with Shake & Shout: a system to reflect a fan's enthusiasm, whose gestures and noises are used to digitally relay their emotions. A simple and fun way to directly support a team during a match on the social networks for all European supporters.

How it works

We devised this mobile application for 11 different markets and for 6 different OS in order to reach a maximum of fans. The idea is simple: I pick a game and the team I want to support and whenever I shake my telephone the action is recorded. Also, with just one "shake", I can post my support for my team on Facebook or Twitter. To maximise fan loyalty and commitment, fans can earn badges, win instant prizes and the possibility of going to watch the final of the Euro 2012.

After the Euro Relive each experience

With the Shake & Shout mobile application, we were able to record the intensity of the enthusiasm of all European supporters. By connecting up to the website, players could relive each match on two different levels: performance and highlights from the game and also supporter emotion.


Prix Stratégies / Amaury Médias du Sport 2012 - Recognised in the Digital Marketing Apps for Mobiles/Tablets category

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A dream come true for me and my friends

-Supporters' Cup winner

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