ReebokOperation #PumpedSince
In 2014, Reebok France entrusted us with the organisation of a campaign to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their emblematic trainer, the Pump.
To celebrate this anniversary, we devised a campaign based on two key phases. The first part was focused around the Pump experience itself, playing on the « trans-generational » aspect of the legendary trainer

Pumped since… the Roman Empire ?

To launch the 25th Birthday celebrations, we decided to surprize the Parisians and general tourists in Paris.
The Pump therefore travels through different times and relooks emblematic statues in key tourist zones in the French capital – Trocadéro, Sorbonne, Pont Alexandre III – putting trainers on Jules César, Hannibal or Montaigne. A strategic operation that enables the Pump to be talked about widely, whilst pushing the “trans – generational » aspect of the trainer in mode WTF

Trans – generational on the social networks

Simultaneously, we accompanied Reebok on the social media networks choosing to connect « old » and « new » generations of the Pump.
The Reebok ambassadors, such as the Casseurs Flowters, Alexis Vastine, Laure Manaudou or Orelsan revealed their discovery of the Pump in the 90s.
For dedicated fans of the trainer, a personalised digital activation was put in place on Twitter and Fcaebook, enabling them to recreate their link with the Pump through a personalised, “off the wall” gif surfing on the revival of the 90s pop culture

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