TecnifibreBrand content « Turning Point »
In 2014, Tecnifibre wanted to leverage its partnership with ATP and its signature content ON THE ROAD TO THE ATP.
Through the ‘Turning Point’ concept, we built upon the brand’s expertise, the art of observation - illustrating this through portraits of players from the Tecnifibre team.

The Turning Point concept

The art of observation gives Tecnifibre authenticity, helping to analyze players in order to better develop their professional career. Through adequate preparation but also adequate equipment that is customized for each player.
To illustrate this for Tecnifibre, we identified « turning points », moments in the career of a player that changed the trajectory of their game.
We delivered these stories as brand content: intimate portraits of two young and promising players from the Tecnifibre team.

An innovative treatment : the DATA VISUALISATION

In order to ensure better public understanding of the technical aspects related to the game, we chose a data visualisation treatment that presents clarity at first glance.

The treatment also allowed us to highlight the expertise of the brand and its philosophy, based on observation and analysis. Details imperceptible to the eyes of a novice, but that allowed Tecnifibre to design products and equipment capable of supporting the pros.

Turning Point #1
Filip Peliwo, former No. 1 junior
Barclays ATP World finals round, London

Set at the prestigious Masters tournament in London, we told Filip, the former No. 1 junior’s story – via his Turning Point. Filip played in London as a sparring partner of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, two of the best players in the world.

Director : Cyril Masson
Producer : LILIWIP

Turning Point #2
Denis Istomin, World pro #43

We met Denis before the season started, at the « On The Road Camp » in Nice – the perfect location to discuss his Turning Point, his career and his future on the pro circuit.

Director : Cyril Masson
Producer : LILIWIP

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