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In December 2012, Warner Bros released the film: The Hobbit. The adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's novel and prequel to his The Lord of the Rings trilogy, one of the biggest box office hits of the 21st century. We decided to design a global campaign combining influence, challenges, brand content and mobile applications to engage the public in "an unexpected journey".

The quest

Via Facebook, users log on as dwarfs and begin their quest and accompany the Hobbit all the way to Erebor. They must travel 1200 kilometres via a number of online and offline challenges during a six-week period. The aim is to win a trip to the land where the film was made: New Zealand. To do this, they must interact with Facebook friends and follow their ranking on a map of the Middle Earth on a daily basis. To win kilometres, users must answer daily enigmas relating to Tolkien's saga and collect codes from the various partner sites (Pages Jaunes, Mappy, Allocine, Fnac). The strategy is fully integrated into the new community loyalty program My Warner to boost the numbers of new fans.

Mobile application

So that participants can also play in the real world, we designed an application that is integrated in the official My Warner application. AS a result of the to the "Hobbit Pedometre" players can transform their steps into kilometres on the quest. Download the MyWarner application.

The 10 rings

It is the bloggers themselves who decide when the public set out on the quest and attack the challenges. What could be more exciting for Tolkien fans to receive a ring just like in the film with their name engraved inside. Louis Boursier, a renowned craftsman, engraved the official hashtag of the film #lehobbit and the name of each blogger inside each of the ten rings. The influence strategy begins with the posting of a teaser on the official warnerbrosfr Twitter account that personally addresses each of the influencers. A few days later they receive a package with a map of the territory, some secret codes to win kilometres and the famous ring.
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