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In December 2012 Warner Bros France contacted us to manage the launch among influencers of the film ProjectX, the ground-breaking fun and sexy teenage movie of the year aimed at the 18-25 age bracket.

An ultra-customised influence campaign

In order to make a big impact we devised a strategy that puts the influencers at the centre of the story of the film by combining elements of their everyday lives with memories of a totally wild night out. The idea being to have them experience and get the impression they had been part of the crazy night had by the 3 teenagers in the film - via their iPhones - which transformed into ultra-customised buzzkits!

A totally innovative and bold strategy

By rummaging through what turned out to be "their" iPhones, they could go back over their night out: Where did I lose my 'phone? Who was I with? What did I see? My telephone is broken, damaged or tagged - I must have had a really wild night.. Finally the influencer finds photos of the mad night, but also dates he should not miss, the Project X sound track and trailer..; And a truly innovative never seen before invitation from Warner Bros to a private screening of the film on February 29th. He is also invited to talk about the film using the Twitter hashtag #projetX or sign up to the Facebook page.

The reaction of the bloggers

Interview with Gaëtan Duchateau of Gaduman.com who was contacted for the Project X marketing operation:
"there was a photo with my face added to it… Each time I opened an application there was something else and one surprise after another"
"It was kind of smart to target just a few people using a high quality approach rather than trying to operate by contacting as many people as possible".

The outcome

100% of the bloggers responded to the invitation and relayed the information:
See the post by DamonX // See the post by Golem13 // See the post by Gaduman
And incredibly, the buzz on Twitter meant the hashtag #ProjetX was the trendtopic on the evening of the pre-screening.

What they say
A messenger just handed me the buzzkit of the year … or even the century


Potential reach

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