Guerlain Reaverse

1828 unique nfts to bring nature back to life in real world.

Today, the virtual landscape continues to grow and accelerate brands’ investment in immersive playgrounds; the metaverse is truly everywhere.Yet, while every brand is trying to get a piece of these new worlds there is still a whole existing world that we need to preserve: our real world.

Guerlain Paris reverses the codes of the metaverse by using the power of NFT to preserve the real world that we live in.
Introducing the Reaverse project.
1828 cryptobees to bring nature back to life in the real world.
An exclusive NFT collection sold to support the rewilding of a 69 acres nature reserve: The Millière Valley.

1828 NFT’s were created that matches the 1828 parcels of the reserve.
Each of this piece of generative art is directly connected to the land with a unique combination of attributes (15 varieties of flowers and plants, 21 natural materials inspired by the geology and geographic coordinates of the land parcel that your NFT supports). 100% of the NFT sales are reinvested in the renaturalization of the reserve created by the environmental activist Yann-Arthus Bertrand.
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