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For the 4th edition of its connected notebook, MNSTR reunited 13 talented artists, illustrators, photographers and typographers...
All artists created unique artwork, that is waiting to be unveiled by you.

"Happiness is the cure.
Joy is the remedy.
Use this experience freely,
without limitation in time,
frequence or quantity."
Gifted with a firm brushstroke,
Nicolas Barrome hovers somewhere between classic painting and comicbooks.
From a one-eyed fish to a watermelon
with teeth, his whimsical creatures
are a breath of fresh air.

The song: "99 Luftballons"
Internationally renowned artist Kashink explodes the codes of female graffiti through her creative campaigning. Surrounded by floating sweets, her four-eyed character succumbs to temptation and gives us plenty to feast on too.

"Psychedelic gourmandise, furtive hedonism."
A director and photographer from Annecy, Romain Laurent is known worldwide for his witty GIFS. In the same spirit of his One Loop a Day project, he adds his touch of humour to a portrait that seems pretty classic… at first glance.

“An uncommon side effect of happiness
is paper planes flying out of one’s mouth.”
Typographer and illustrator Charlotte Smith isn’t afraid to mix gouache, 3D paper, digital and embroidery techniques. This illustration finds her among the spring flowers, picking armfuls of happiness that she shares with sweet generosity.

What word does Charlotte Smith associate with joy? "Contagion"
From motion design to illustration,
the Playground Paris studio creates
works packed with zesty freshness.
With its good mood machine, the graphic workshop can produce
smile after smile. Says the Playground team:

"You’ll never guess what this machine can do.
The 7th second is the real kicker… #clickbait."
An emblematic figure in the Doodle movement, Jon Burgerman uses
his pencil with plenty of tongue-in-cheek humour. Between mural art
and digital pop culture, his quirky little guys bring joy
wherever it’s needed.

Check him out on Instagram!
As one half of the duo Fleur et Manu,
the French director Emmanuel Cossu makes powerful and spontaneous images.
His vision of la Joie is embodied in
a drawing full of the lightness of being.

"I want to get high."
Emmanuel Cossu
Valentine Reinhart is a Swiss army knife of an artist, exploring photography, illustration and animation by turns. Highly inspired by nature, she’s created a garden of paradise with its own hidden treasure.

"Colour is more powerful than words."
This independent Parisian studio likes to play with 80s codes and today’s graphic techniques. This time around, the studio used 3D and stop motion to create a rainbow machine that’s full of surprises. What makes the ELMØ team joyful?

"Machines. Preferably pointless ones."
A street artist based in Annecy, Brokovich has a talent as vast as his sphere of activity. For his augmented art piece, he flips the world of ethnography entirely on its head.

"Flip the mask and lose yourself to dance!"
This pair of artists, based in Grenoble,
are known for the finesse of their ornamental work and their exquisite lettering.
Using the magic of 3D animation, they conjure up a castle
that reveals some royal fun.

"You can find joy when you set and achieve
your goals, so go build your own castles!"
Alexis Taieb – aka Tyrsa – manages to reinvent typography through a super modern rereading. Inspired by retro signage, street life, and the idea that you should

"choose your own path"

his sign points towards true joy.
Follow this arrow…to the letter.

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